BidAir Cargo operates a closed loop system whereby cargo is delivered to and collected from aircraft directly by BidAir Cargo staff, thus enhancing cargo security and express service delivery. Cargo is transported safely and securely with short hand-in times, enabling our partners in the courier and express logistics industry to adhere to tight delivery deadlines. The BidAir Cargo network spans the South African Domestic landscape as well as Southern and East Africa with over 120 flights daily. Overnight we operate 4 dedicated Boeing 737 freighters in a pattern that connects all main centres in South Africa.


By appointing BidAir Cargo to handle their cargo, airlines are able to concentrate on their core passenger business. With its emphasis on filling flights and maintaining tight turn-around time. BidAir Cargo has the specialist knowledge, skills and experience to manage their entire cargo operation through a complete range of cargo management services without impacting on the airline at all. BidAir Cargo provides the following services to these airlines

  • Cargo Operations
  • Cargo Administration
  • Cargo Marketing, Sales and Service to the courier/express/ freight forwarding industries
  • Financial management, credit control, insurance and contracts
  • Access to the BidAir Cargo African Route Network with trained and skilled staff
  • Compliance with all aviation safety, security, legislation and regulatory requirements

BidAir Cargo acts as General Sales Agent for airlines requiring a ready-made infrastructure and network to optimise their cargo revenue. The benefits include access to our established network and contacts, sales to and servicing of cargo owners and agents, managing relationships and marketing the airline’s brand image.


As Ground Handling Agent, BidAir Cargo fulfils all the cargo service and documentary requirements for airlines. This embraces cargo operations from induction to screening, to supervising ramp handling and aircraft loading. Airlines enjoy the benefits of cargo care, relationship management with cargo owners and agents and strict observance of cargo security regulations.

For top-urgent shipments, cargo is guaranteed to travel on the next flight. This service offers a tight 45 minute cut-off for hand-in/hand-out.
An intermediate service intended for larger urgent shipments which need not necessarily travel next flight. FFR – Fleet Freight guarantees service on the 3rd flight after hand-in with 60 minute hand-in/hand-out cut-off.
For slightly less urgent shipments, the NDS – Next Day Service offers greater economy with a 12 hour delivery (volume and flights permitting) and 90 minute cut-off time for hand-in/hand-out.
ONX is an Overnight Express Service on our Overnight Freighter Aircraft to and from Johannesburg /Cape Town / Durban / Port Elizabeth / East London and George. There is a 60 minute hand-in/hand-out cut-off for Loose Cargo and 45 minutes for Approved Regulated Agents Known Cargo ULD’s.
Our PetLounge staffed by AVI specialist will provide premium animal air travel for your pets. Click here to visit the PetLounge website.
A PER – Perishable Cargo Service is offered to Customers on arrangement to provide an efficient acceptance transport and delivery service for perishable cargo in accordance with the IATA Perishable Cargo Regulations (PCR).